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Please note: we are retiring our curbside section of our website as of Friday, July 31st. We would like to thank you for using this curbside ordering system and for your patience during these challenging times. If you are ordering through this system, you will receive a print out with complete instructions for our new WEBCART.


We are excited to announce a brand NEW ONLINE shopping experience! We would like to invite you to shop via our WEBCART. (where you can see what we have in stock as well as pricing ~ even our specials)


Please note: you will be asked to choose a date based on the fact that it will take us 24 hours to complete your order. We are currently processing orders same day and will call you when we have processed your order.


There is an option to pay via paypal at the end of your order (you can also choose 'pay at pickup' and we will call you for the information). The delivery option is still available - please input that request in the comment area of the form (it will added to our webcart soon).


Please note ~ we are OPEN to the public! Check out our hours HERE 

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